Hello world! This is Rufus ….

This is my world; welcome to it.  I do not intend to spend a lot of my copious spare time blogging, but a little bit about me (in case you are interested).

I am a retired senior citizen who is active in volunteer work, Boy Scouts (Troop 840 in Coppell, TX), and substitute teaching .  At the high-school level, I teach physics, chemistry, math (all types), computer science,  business computing, and other technically-oriented subjects at both high schools in Coppell, TX.  At the middle school level, I usually teach science, math, and technology.  At the elementary school level, I teach in almost any classroom.

In Boy Scouts, I am an Eagle Scout, Eagle Coach, Assistant Scoutmaster, and am active in my Troop’s District as the lead Webmaster, which I also do for my Troop.  I am also the training coordinator for my Troop.  I am active in the Order of the Arrow as an associate advisor for my OA Chapter.  I can be found camping around one weekend per month.  I often go to more than one summer camp in a season, as well as winter camp.  I am a Merit Badge Counselor for several subjects, among them:  camping, cooking, and nuclear science.

I am an avid reader of mystery novels, but do not limit myself to only that genre.

My family consists of my  loving wife, my Boy Scout son, and two grown daughters (each of whom is married and has a daughter, too).

I grew up as an Air Force brat and moved all over — three places in Germany, four places in Japan, and in several states.  I went to college in California, graduate school in Maryland, and did some education/teacher training in Georgia.  I have lived in Texas since summer, 1983.

If you need to contact me, please consider using this blog, Facebook, e-mail, or the telephone white pages.

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